Meet the Team: Aqeela & Anna!

As we get closer and closer to DYKE DAY 2012, we want to keep up the introductions! This week we have Aqeela and Anna — both are from elsewhere in Canada but have found their way to Toronto and to the Toronto Dyke March!

Aqeela N.

What is your favourite Dyke March memory?
This will be my first time marching!  Previous years have involved watching from the sidelines, however, I am excited to change things up this year and take part.

Why do you think the Dyke March is important?
Pride weekend is characterized by (specific) gay male identities.  The Dyke March, as well as the Trans March, disrupts this dynamic in so many ways

What type of dyke are you?

What’s your favourite/current dyketastic soundtrack?
Nina Simone: her music is extremely empowering.

Who is your hero?
I find inspiration in so many different people, it would be impossible to pick a single “hero.”


Anna Evans

What are you most looking forward to in the Dyke March?
Doing it again! Last year was my first year volunteering and its a very different perspective to participate in that capacity

Why do you think the Dyke March is important?
Because so many sweet bodies taking to the street to say WE ARE HERE is hugely powerful and important. We are part of the larger community. We get to visually see numbers of our own community which is quite moving for some people.
It is important to remember that many places do not even have the privililedge of having a Dyke March. There is work left to be done and a March sends a different message than a Parade.

What type of dyke are you?
Type of Dyke? Oh no. You wanna get me all passionate and rant-y ask me about my opinion about the ridiculous need for labeling in the queer community! I’m me, you are you, I will not try to box you into expectations around butch or femme or any other “role”. (Note: I am sure this stems from poeple constantly telling me I am a femme, but I don’t identify that way, and you don’t get to tell me what I am or how I should define myself) /end rant.

What’s your favourite/current dyketastic soundtrack?
Well, I am pretty much obsessed with anything created by Maynard James Keenan. So, I’ll pick the song VAGINA MINE by Puscifer, or heck, the entire album is called “V is for Vagina” so why not. But Dyke wise, I do really love Missy Higgins.

Who is your hero?
Anyone who can figure out a life outside the 9-5 rat race


About Dyke March Toronto

Mission: The 2015 Toronto Dyke March works to create dyke-centred spaces because we need — and demand — more visibility within the Pride Toronto Festival. Goals: Our goal is to organize a political and celebratory march, created by and for dykes across the spectrum. We need to create our own space to be political and visible. Dyke visibility is important because we are not fully represented in the Pride movement or in mainstream society. The Dyke March celebrates our diversity and demonstrates the power of our communities. We hope the Dyke March leaves you with the energy to take action, a sense of community, and an appreciation for your own unique dyke glory! Values: The Dyke March values collective organizing to give dykes who are historically oppressed a platform. These include, but are not limited to, trans folks, Indigenous folks, folks of colour and folks with disabilities. We see this as necessary to create social change.
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