The Artists of Coruscate: Introducing….Nicki Ward!

Nicki Ward!

From her (beautiful) website:

Nichola (Nicki) Ward was born in London, England and lives in Toronto, Canada where she is an award winning writer, performer and poet. Her work embraces the energy of “spoken word” and the formality of “page poetry.” Her blog She is the founder of the publishing and performance group Ground Queero and a long term member of the respected LGBT writer’s group “OUTwrites”. She is the author of “Jackie’s Not a Real Girl”,”Little Sarah – Wordkeeper”, “Babylon Alley – A Play for Voices” and the collection “Found Album.”

The dyke march team is extremely grateful to Nicki for all her compassion, energy, and knowledge. Nicki has so generously donated her time to us in an advisory capacity, and is helping us to imagine what the dyke march could be in the years to come. Nicki is also a well known, indispensable force in trans activism. I for one am extremely humbled by her generosity of spirit and am honoured to be welcomed into her words on June 20th! Cheers to you Nicki!


p.s.: for an extra special treat visit her website; the home page displays snippets of her writings–teasers for Thursday evening!


About Kaitlin Blanchard

I'm a (queer) theorist, social justice activist, playwright, poet, graduate student, and general advocate that one needn't go very far to better the world for others. I was born in Canada and claim Vancouver as my home with a firm commitment to questioning the ideology of settler-colonialism that allows me to do so. I live and work on the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee and Mississauga Nations and within the lands protected by the "Dish with One Spoon" wampum agreement.
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