The Artists of Coruscate: Introducing…Slimthick Monroe!

Slimthick Monroe!

Slimthick Monroe – The Queen of Sodom (2013)

Toronto’s hottest diva Slimthick Monroe made her debut at Sodom in June 2012 at Sodom is Burning where she dazzled the crowd who literally bowed before her as she hit the stage. She then played a sexy Studio 54 diva at Sodom Warhol where she mowed down Andy Warhol with a machine gun. Slimthick Monroe has been a member House of Monroe since 2011. She has competed many times in Toronto’s ballroom scene as well as at the Latex Ball in New York. Categories she often enters include body and best dressed. Slimthick was born in Trinidad but grew up in New York City. She moved to Toronto at age 15. She is involved in community development though the Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance, a youth-led organization that builds self-confidence by using ballroom arts including voguing and runway. She is also part of the Woman, Butch and Trans Ballroom Coalition, an organization that helps marginalized people in the ballroom scene. ~Sodom Website

In her own words, without pretense, or narrative chronology.

– I am a part of the House of Monroe

– I am an active member of the “TKBA.” (Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance)

– I am also on the council of the TKBA

-I am the first Cis Queen Of Sodom and I have done about 5 shows with Sodom already.

-I have done numerous community outreach programs for the LGBT youth

– I am involved in the International Ballroom scene and have done many competitions

– I have also participated in blog talk radio

We’re looking forward to seeing this fierce queen on our stage. Glitter on!

Head back tomorrow to hear about our remaining artists and our fabulous raffle prizes!!!


About Kaitlin Blanchard

I'm a (queer) theorist, social justice activist, playwright, poet, graduate student, and general advocate that one needn't go very far to better the world for others. I was born in Canada and claim Vancouver as my home with a firm commitment to questioning the ideology of settler-colonialism that allows me to do so. I live and work on the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee and Mississauga Nations and within the lands protected by the "Dish with One Spoon" wampum agreement.
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