The Artists of Coruscate: Introducing…Belle Jumelles and St. Stella!

Belle Jumelles and St. Stella!

Belle Jumelles & St. Stella return to Libido for another bendy burlesque blow-out!!!

St. Stella

St. Stella – bendy, buxom, blonde – has been a regular in the Burlesque scene for five years creating waves with her innovative acts and vivacious aura. Having grown up dreaming of pointe shoes and tutus; Stella has retained a love for all things delicate and feminine making use of her ten-plus years of ballet and modern dance training… But don’t let the girlish facade fool you – this saint can also be a real sinner. Her side-show like flexibility, eagerness to surprise and desire to launch Burlesque outside of it’s classic tropes will not only astonish and delight you, but as with all great Burlesque performers, leave you wanting just a little bit more!

Among her accolades:

Winner – “Legends Choice”, Great Burlesque Expo (2011)
Winner – “Most Beautiful” with duet partner ‘James and the Giant Pasty’, Great Burlesque Expo (2012)

Belle Jumelles

This girl is seriously sexy and also incredibly sweet.

Mademoiselle Belle Jumelles is a voluptuous burlesque performer, an outspoken Emcee and cabaret singer. She started doing burlesque three years ago with Hamilton’s Boudoir Rouge Burlesque, but has had the opportunity to grace many stages across Ontario. Her style of performance is inspired by classic burlesque but also includes element s of humour, cabaret and a whole lot of sass. In the past year she has been part of multiple Toronto based shows, including last year’s Toronto Burlesque Festival. Recently, she has joined forces with St. Stella and Johnny B Goode to create a production company called A Platinum Production. They produce burlesque and variety shows, such as Flirty Fridays with Stella and Belle, as well as Belle’s Boudoir. She has crazy curves, powerful pipes and a vampy personality that will keep you wanting more.


About Kaitlin Blanchard

I'm a (queer) theorist, social justice activist, playwright, poet, graduate student, and general advocate that one needn't go very far to better the world for others. I was born in Canada and claim Vancouver as my home with a firm commitment to questioning the ideology of settler-colonialism that allows me to do so. I live and work on the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee and Mississauga Nations and within the lands protected by the "Dish with One Spoon" wampum agreement.
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