The Dyke March is Recruiting! Paid Position with Dyke March Toronto!

The Dyke March Toronto Team is seeking a facilitator for a new initiative called Craft Action. This is a paid position that will be crucial in leading up to and kicking off the 2014 WorldPride Dyke March. Queer crafters please apply! 

What is Craft Action?

“Craft Action” is the community banner project for the 2014 Toronto Dyke March. The goal is to collaboratively create a banner than represents dyke communities across Toronto and beyond. The banner will be designed and knitted, crocheted, sewed, and/or stitched by queer women and dyke community members over the course of weekly craft circles. The progress of the banner will be documented online and in an on-going exhibit. We’ll also be soliciting submissions from outside of Toronto to include in the final banner/s.

For more information about the banner project, see the proposal below.

Responsibilities include:

• recruiting a team of volunteer needlework mentors

• sourcing and ordering required materials

• promoting the project, managing outreach, and inviting community members to


• executing design development and needlework workshops (3 weekly sessions)

• hosting weekly craft circles (8 weekly sessions) and ensuring a welcoming, inclusive

and dynamic space

• supporting everyone’s participation

• ensuring the timeliness of the project and the overall completion of the banner

• working with the Dyke March team and requesting their support, as needed

• coordinate on-line blog-based exhibit for the project (if interested)

• other activities as required

Applicants should have strong group facilitation and expert needlework skills. Previous experience teaching needlework skills is an asset. Applicants should have strong communication and interpersonal skills, be self-reflective and able to maintain the dual role of facilitator and mentor. Applicants must have a strong knowledge and interest in diverse queer women’s/dyke communities; in anti-racist, trans-inclusive and anti-oppressive frameworks; in craftivism and critiques of the Pride movement; and in community-building. Applicants must be creative, self-motivated, able to meet deadlines, adaptable to participant needs, and desire to work in a fun and collaborative way.

The honorarium for the Banner Project Facilitator is $1,500.00.

Application: Please apply in writing (letter of interest and resume or outline of experience) to:

Deadline: February 22, 2014

This project is funded through the Dyke March budget provided by Pride Toronto.


WorldPride Dyke March Banner-Making Project Proposal

The Dyke March banner, with thousands of dykes behind it, is the most-visible and most-photographed image of the March and of the Pride festival. In 2014, Toronto will host the largest Dyke March this city has ever witnessed. This project will result in a banner that is impressive on a world stage, represents dyke communities in Toronto and beyond, and acts as an artwork that embodies feminist and activist histories and can be displayed for years to come.

This project is comprised of a series of craft circles in which participants share knitting, crocheting, sewing and other needlework skills in order to make the banner that will lead the 2014 Dyke March. This project embodies craftivism, a creative movement that uses craft skills to drive social change. As a feminist and queer political space, the Dyke March is an ideal stage for a craftivist project. The needlework banner is feminist demonstration of the public and artistic value of traditional “women’s work” and also a manifestation of a queer political message constructed through mediums that have often been rendered apolitical by the very dominant systems the Dyke March disrupts. Also, the craft circle sessions enact dyke togetherness as productive, communal and caring, and the on-going exhibition of the work disrupts narratives of progress that deem only finished products valuable. Moreover, the banner will literally be built by many hands. We will be documenting the project on social media and calling for items such as crochet squares to be sent to us on a national and international scale so that we can include them in the final banner(s).

The format of the project as a craft circle captures the 2014 WorldPride theme: Rise Up! So many uprisings and revolutions have been (and continue to be) planned in our kitchens and living rooms, home-based sites where crafting usually takes place. The Dyke March itself is a poignant embodiment of the Rise Up! theme. The Dyke March and craftivism blur the lines between public and private, and this is the very blurring that is the cornerstone of queer activist movements that demand public recognition of so-called private identities and experiences. A crafted banner is the perfect demonstration and celebration of the Rise Up! theme for the Dyke March.

The banner-making project engages dyke communities on many levels and in ways that build meaningful connections. Participants in the project will learn new skills, meet new friends, have important conversations, and make a colourful, beautiful, political banner that they can proudly walk, roll, or strut behind at the 2014 WorldPride Dyke March.


About Dyke March Toronto

Mission: The 2015 Toronto Dyke March works to create dyke-centred spaces because we need — and demand — more visibility within the Pride Toronto Festival. Goals: Our goal is to organize a political and celebratory march, created by and for dykes across the spectrum. We need to create our own space to be political and visible. Dyke visibility is important because we are not fully represented in the Pride movement or in mainstream society. The Dyke March celebrates our diversity and demonstrates the power of our communities. We hope the Dyke March leaves you with the energy to take action, a sense of community, and an appreciation for your own unique dyke glory! Values: The Dyke March values collective organizing to give dykes who are historically oppressed a platform. These include, but are not limited to, trans folks, Indigenous folks, folks of colour and folks with disabilities. We see this as necessary to create social change.
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One Response to The Dyke March is Recruiting! Paid Position with Dyke March Toronto!

  1. Kelsey says:

    I don’t live in Toronto, but I will share this. What a great opportunity!


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