Team Goals for 2014 WorldPride Dyke March

This year, the Toronto Dyke March is going to be huge. WorldPride is taking place in Toronto this year, which means we will be participating in Toronto’s biggest festival yet, welcoming dykes from all around the world, and trying to make our transnational dyke communities proud.

If that sounds like a lot – it is. How are we going to do it? We have some ideas…

We asked each other: what are your goals for World Pride? 

“Aside from making this year’s Dyke March one of the biggest, my main goal for 1397554_10153726419865413_1783355266_oWorld Pride this year is to ensure that people remember the origins of pride and  that not everyone in the world is able to have a pride parade like we can here.  While it’s important to celebrate, I think it’s also important to recognize the  struggles that members of our queer family face in other parts of the world and I  think it would be nice if the Dyke March could make a point of that.” — Kaddy

“World Pride; the name says it all; welcoming the world to our ‘home’. Ideally after the floats have been dismantled, the streets have been JuliePiccleaned, the pavilions cleared away, after it’s all quiet, I want every image, every sound, every last aspect of world pride to live within every visitor to our city. May our actions as a community stay in the memories of all participating local and abroad delivering the message of acceptance, tolerance and welcoming diversity as a tool for education and not alienation. Canadians are generally referred to as a Mosaic Society (lots of little tiles to make a beautiful picture); essentially our community of a poster child to that belief…..many leaves ONE BEAUTIFUL TREE.” — Julie

“My goal for World Pride is to  capture the most important moments of it all. carolpicI’m positive that  this will be a major event to help  the queer community around the  World by bringing nations  together, feeling more responsible  for places that prohibit people  from being gay, to speak up and  make our rights as human beings  valid.” — Carol

“My goal is to make sure World Pride is NOT all about patting Canada onAndiPic the back for being so nice to queers while criticizing other countries for being ‘backward.’ We need to have, or develop, a more critical and nuanced view of queer experiences and communities around the world.” — Andi

“My goal for World Pride 2014 is to allow folks to experience and understand 532144_10151907809322464_923467579_n-1all the different and overlapping aspects that Pride is all about. I hope to maintain  the messages of our queer and trans community in a way that is clear and  accessible to as many participants, spectators, and media as possible so those  who cannot make it to World Pride 2014 can still carry on the discussions  afterward. It’s time to make statements as a united force. It’s time to talk about  the problems we face as a world community because they are our realities.” — Liz

“For World Pride, I would like make sure that Toronto, and by extension Canada, are not held up as the gold standard of queer rights. We have so much more laurapicwork to do for queer and especially trans communities in our city, and I hope that the spotlight of World Pride will highlight not just our triumphs but also our many shortcomings. I would also like to see many Pride organizers use this year as an opportunity to make a shift away from organizing a giant party that’s mostly for white gay men and straight allies. We have an opportunity to create a true celebration of our dynamic communities, one that raises up voices that are usually excluded, especially those of indigenous and 2 Spirit folks. We can dance, take over streets and celebrate in the sun while also having critical conversations about social justice and the failures of the Pride movement – Pride should ignite and inspire, and it’s these conversations that I hope will gear us into taking action long after World Pride has left Toronto.” — Laura

This is what our Team holds close to us as we dream, brainstorm, plan, and organize ways to make the Dyke March a spectacular celebration of our queer and trans communities and politics. We are using these goals to shape our messaging, images, and materials for the 2014 Dyke March. Keep watching this space for our 2014 campaign launch!

What are your goals for 2014?

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This post written by: Andi


About Dyke March Toronto

Mission: The 2015 Toronto Dyke March works to create dyke-centred spaces because we need — and demand — more visibility within the Pride Toronto Festival. Goals: Our goal is to organize a political and celebratory march, created by and for dykes across the spectrum. We need to create our own space to be political and visible. Dyke visibility is important because we are not fully represented in the Pride movement or in mainstream society. The Dyke March celebrates our diversity and demonstrates the power of our communities. We hope the Dyke March leaves you with the energy to take action, a sense of community, and an appreciation for your own unique dyke glory! Values: The Dyke March values collective organizing to give dykes who are historically oppressed a platform. These include, but are not limited to, trans folks, Indigenous folks, folks of colour and folks with disabilities. We see this as necessary to create social change.
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