Selection Process for 2015

Pride Toronto is soliciting nominations for the Honoured Dyke and Honoured Dyke Group for the 2015 Dyke March. Nominations must be received by May 16th 2015. To nominate someone, please fill out the attached form and return it.

Pride Toronto’s annual festival is a celebration of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transexual, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirited and Allies (LGBTTIQQ2SA) communities.

The ten day festival culminates in the annual Pride Parade, led by the International Grand Marshall, Grand Marshall, Honoured Youth and Honoured Group. The Honoured Dyke and Honoured Dyke Group lead the Dyke March, with the Honoured Dyke also marching in the Pride Parade. This year, the awards will be given during the Pride Week launch reception.

Nominees should have contributed significantly to the queer community of Toronto. Nominations must provide details and specific instances of nominees’ contributions. The honoured positions’ selection process is an opportunity for community involvement and engagement. Following the nomination process, the Board of Pride Toronto will consider the applications and select the honourees.

Awards will be granted based on the nominees’:

  • History of work and biography of the nominee with respect to the LGBTTIQQ2SA communities

  • Significant contribution and accomplishments to the public, private or non-profit sectors

  • How the nominee embodies this year’s Pride Toronto theme, which is “SuperQueer”

What do they do?

The Honoured Dyke and Honoured Dyke Group act as community ambassadors throughout Toronto’s Pride Week and through the year until the following year’s selection process is complete.

Acting as an ambassador means different things to different people.  Once the selections have been made Pride Toronto will meet with each of the selected individuals and groups to discuss their involvement over the next year.  The Honoured Dyke and Honoured Dyke Group may be asked to attend events, give speeches, play a role in Pride Events and perform their role as ambassador in a number of ways throughout the year.

Are they paid?

The Honoured Dyke and Honoured Dyke Group titles are positions of honour and do not include payment or remuneration of any form.

Resources are allocated to each individual or group however specifically to assist in covering the cost of their participation in the Parade or Dyke March.

Nomination Form



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