It’s that time of year… we need YOU to volunteer to help make the 2016 Dyke March the best one ever! Training and support will be provided for all positions — no experience required! Email dykemarch@pridetoronto.com to volunteer, or head to http://www.pridetoronto.com/volunteer/, create a profile, and sign up for shifts!

3 hours.
Be creative and LOUD! You’ll help us write and distribute a set of Dyke March chants before the March. Then, you’ll get to move up and down the March, leading the marchers in chanting, helping create the energy of the march and making sure dyke voices are heard, loud and proud. You are welcome to work in pairs or a group – just let us know your preference. This position involves a lot of walking and yelling (you will have a megaphone and water). Queer women/dyke-spectrum volunteers required.

3 hours plus training.
Marshals are the worker bees of the Dyke March and they are ESSENTIAL. As a Marshal, you will be buzzing along the route, making sure all the marchers get from the start to the end safely. Marshals can also lead chants, and they help make sure any incidents are reported and handled by the Dyke March Team. There will be mandatory training for all Marshals before the March. Marshal experience is an asset. This position involves a lot of walking. Queer women/dyke-spectrum volunteers required.

Shift Options: 12:00pm-3:00pm and/or 1:30pm-4:30pm
As a photographer, you’ll help us take all sorts of photos the day of Dyke March. We need photos of marchers, signs, the rally, and even aerial shots of the March!


5.5 hours.
Help us set up, provide info to marchers, and participate in the March! Pre-march assistants host the sign-in table; make sure everyone has what they need to march, and support the Dyke March team in many other important tasks. Post March assistants help us clean up and take care of the space, distribute safer sex supplies, and make sure everyone has what they need to end their Dyke March experience on a positive note. No experience necessary! This position is adaptable to your abilities. You will be trained onsite at the start of the shift. Dykes and Allies welcome.

1 hour.
Get crafty and help marchers make fabulous signs! There’s such a diversity of dyke issues, and you’ll help make sure everyone’s message gets represented. You’ll host the sign-making area, gather people to it, and make sure that everyone who wants a sign has one. You’ll get to make your own signs too! You can carry your sign or give to someone who also identifies with your message. Many languages needed! Queer women/dyke-spectrum volunteers required.

3 hours.
If you like the spotlight, then this is the position for you! As the name states, you (with the help of our CRAFT ACTION community) will be responsible for carrying banners in the march. As a Dyke March banner carrier, you and the banner will be at the forefront; all eyes are on you as your infectious enthusiasm sets the tone and the pace of our march.

Click here to sign up!

Volunteer Inquiries: dykemarch@pridetoronto.com
Facebook: DykeMarch Toronto
Twitter: @dykemarchto
Instagram: DykeMarchTO
Connect online with the hashtag: #Dykeversity

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